Physio123 FAQs

General questions

The questions below are a selection that Physio123 have been previously asked. We can answer any further questions you may have if you email us at: office@physio123.com.au or you can also use the enquiry form.

How many referrals can I expect each month?

We cannot give you an exact number as it will all depend on factors such as where your practice is located and what services you are providing. Experience has shown us that you should really expect to see your referrals increasing straight away and you should also see a further increase after another few months after the establishment of your site.

Once I have chosen the right package for me how do I go about paying for it?

The way in which we prefer you to pay is through our secure website. Our site accepts all major credit and debit cards. If you need to arrange an alternative payment method then please contact us.

I have a website but I want to get it to the top of the search engine results – can you help with this?

Yes. Not only do we create and develop websites, but Physio123 have a team of experts who specialise in getting websites to the very top of the search engines. For further information check out our SEO packages.

Is it essential for me to choose all the add-ons I want straight away or can that wait for a while?

It is possible to add them whenever you are ready.

My friend and I are both in the same business and we practice in the same area – can we set up together in business?

Yes. This is sometimes a good idea as partners can support and help eachother. No matter how many of you are in business together, our prices remain the same.

I have recently graduated and I do not have a job or my own business but I really like your PhysioOne package. Would this work for me with a home visit service?

Yes. Believe it or not this is a very common request. Many graduates are choosing to set up their own home visit practices instead of looking for a job in the field. This can give you a great head start and may lay the foundation for your own future physiotherapy clinic.

I have been using PhysioOne for over two years can I now upgrade to PhysioTwo?

Yes this is no problem and as a loyal customer you may be entitled to a discount.

What if I have decided that I don’t want to continue with this service?

We do not tie any customers into any contracts so if you want to discontinue your service at any time you can do so without question.

Although I already have two physiotherapy clinics, they are not operating at full capacity – can you help?

Yes, Physio123 are market leaders in creating new business for practices that are already in existence. Through services such as website development, online marketing and graphic design we can get your online presence felt.

I would like to try out your service before I commit as I am thinking of setting up a private practice – is this possible

Physio123 know that many people are unsure which package is best for them and that is why we offer a free trial of our PhysioOne package for six months.

I am a Senior II physiotherapist with a full time job. However I would like to start out on my own and want to know if your service will be of benefit to me if I want to see patients in my spare time?

Our PhysioOne package would enable you to try out private practice before making the leap to doing it full time.

If I need a second opinion when assessing a patient can you help me?

No, our expertise is in web development and online marketing.

I want to set up my own private practice but am scared that I will not get any patients

Most people going into business for themselves have the very same worry. There will obviously be some risk involved but physiotherapy is not something that people are going to ever stop needing. As long as the area where you set up is not in the middle of nowhere, we can help you to get patients.

I have been working as a full time physiotherapist for ten years but I am now taking time out to spend with my family. Is it possible to arrange private patients around my family life?

If you work for yourself you can arrange your consultations at times that suit you. This will make it much easier to fit in around your family commitments. You can choose the hours you want to work according to your other commitments.

I started up my practice six months ago and use your service but I am now moving abroad. Is it possible for me to sell my practice

Physio123 will accommodate free transfer of your account to whoever you sell it to.

Consultation, design & development FAQs

How long will I be waiting for my website to be designed?

The length of time varies depending on the package you have chosen and any changes that you want made. Generally it will take a week with PhysioOne package, two weeks with PhysioTwo and three weeks with PhysioThree.

Can I write the content for my own website?

Yes. We will give you a customer requirements form which you should complete. In this form you can decide what you want from your site and our designers will use this form to help them get your site created exactly how you want it.

I would like to have a photo of our clinic and all my staff – can you do this?

Again you can include this in the customer requirements form and you should send us any photos that you would like to use.

Can I use my existing logo?

Of course you can. Many existing practices already have a logo which they use to identify themselves and we encourage you to continue using this form of identification. If you would like us to help you improve your logo then we can also do this.

I like a website which I have seen – can you do a similar design for my website?

This is no problem. In fact this gives us a better idea of what you are looking for from our design team.

I’m not happy with the colour scheme you have chosen – can it be changed?

Again this is no problem. We are happy to help and want you to be happy with your website. Even if you have chosen this colour scheme but have changed your mind, we have no problem accommodating your request.

Why do you ask for my personal contact details?

We may need to contact you during the design of your website for clarification on some things.

What if any of my contact details change or if I move house?

Physio123 will change any of these details at any time with no charge.

I've just completed an acupuncture course, and would like to offer this service to my customers. Can you add an acupuncture page to my website?

Yes. This can be provided for free during the design process if it is within your permitted page allowance. Once the design process is complete, you will be charged an additional $30 for any extra pages. We will also make sure this page links to and from any other relevant pages.

I have now completed another course this time in acupuncture. I want to add this to my list of services – can you add another page to my website for this service?

Of course. If you have these details during the design stage and you have an allowance for this page we will do it for free. However if design has been completed there would be a charge of $40(AUS) for any extra pages you need added. We will also take care of linking this new page to any other relevant pages on your site.

Will you place any advertisements on my site?

We do not put any adverts on the pages of our customers’ websites. Physio123 is a premium service.

Is it possible for me to have a .com and a .com.au domain name?

Yes this is no problem. Each additional domain name will be charged at $40(AUS) per year.

Will my website be available every day of the year for 24 hours?

Your website will be hosted on a dedicated server in Australia and will be available 24/7.

Promoting, Marketing and SEO FAQs

How long will it take before I see results from the marketing campaign you are doing for me?

Physio123 work on both short term and long term strategies which will help your website become successful. You should see immediate results from our short term techniques and our long term strategy will ensure you see continued growth and improvement.

Will you look after all the marketing for me?

Yes. Physio123 take care of your entire online marketing campaign.

Can Physio123 help to promote my existing website?

Yes. Not only do we design and develop websites but we also work on getting them to the top of the search engine results. Physio123 have extensive experience at helping existing sites to get to the top also. Check out our SEO packages.

What way will search engine marketing work to get more business for my practice?

Search engine marketing works to increase the amount of traffic that your website gets. And the more people who visit your site, the more likely you are to get more patients

Think about this:
  • In 2009 over 100,000 searches were made on average every month for physiotherapy in Australia.
  • The internet is the place where most people look first when searching for a private physiotherapist
  • If your website gets more visits from people looking for a physiotherapist in your area, your referrals will increase. It’s as easy as that!
There are millions of people in Australia who go online to find answers to their health questions. If your practice is high up in the search engine results, these people will visit your site where they will find the information they need to solve their health queries.

Does search engine marketing really help to generate more business for private physiotherapy practices?

Yes. If you are not appearing high up in the search engine results pages, then you are going to be losing potential patients to your competitors.

Are the Adwords package and the SEO package the same thing?

Physio123 use both of these marketing techniques to increase patient referrals. They both work in this way but they are not the same technique.

SEO package:
The SEO package we use produces results over a long term. The techniques that Physio123 use will increase the amount and the quality of the traffic that is directed to your website from “organic” or “natural” searches. So over a period of time, you will find that the amount of people looking for physiotherapy in your area will be viewing your website and this will increase your patient numbers.

Adwords package:
Physio123 use the Adwords package to produce immediate results for our clients. An effective Adwords campaign will ensure that you see immediate increases in pateient referrals. To understand what Adwords are you should look at the ads which are normally seen in the top and to the right of the search engine results. If we bid on your target “keywords” for searches we can make sure your ad appears in these areas. If someone clicks onto your ad from here, then the amount we have bid will be paid to Google and the visitor will be directed to your website.

Which is better - SEO or Adwords?
Both of these techniques will work to increase your patient numbers and work well together. So it is probably best to use both.

Why should I use SEO for my website?

The main reason for using SEO is to ensure that your website reaches the top of the search engine results when people are searching for:
  • Your physiotherapy practice
  • Any keywords relating directly to your practice (i.e. physiotherapists in your location)
  • Any keywords relating directly to the services you provide (e.g. massage, hydrotherapy, accupunture)
  • Any keywords relating to any health problems that you can improve (e.g. keen pain, back pain etc)
Research from Google shows that people will look for natural results first. Look at the following heat map. The areas which are “hotter” show the areas where people look first on the page. And as this shows people are inclined to look at the natural results area of the page.

SEO costs are fixed. There is a setup fee and a monthly payment and these charges stay the same no matter how many people click on your search links.

Effective optimisation of your website means that it will appear on a number of other websites. There is a knock on effect to this which will help to increase how high your website ranks for searches for physiotherapists in your location. When this happens, your website becomes established and will be hard to beat by competitors. And each and every month, you should really start to see increases in your patient numbers.

How would an Adwords campaign benefit me?

Below are five reasons why an Adwords campaign would be beneficial:
  • You will see immediate results with an Adwords campaign
  • Your advert will appear when someone from your area uses a search phrase such as “physiotherapy” which is quite broad.
  • You can use particular advertising phrases to appear whenever someone searches for a particular search phrase. For example someone might type in “physiotherapy for knee pain in sydney” and the ad which might appear could be “Physiotherapy to help with knee pain – Treatment in Sydney”.
  • If your campaign is managed well you can be almost guaranteed that your ads will appear
  • You can also limit the amount of people who see your ads based on their location and proximity to your practice. This will reduce the amount of cost associated with the campaign.

Why is Physio123 the right company to look after my Adwords/SEO campaign?

There are a number of reasons why Physio123 is the best choice for your search marketing requirements.
  • When you are successful, we are successful. As we don’t believe in contracts we have to continue to ensure your patient numbers are increasing so that you continue to be satisfied with us.
  • Our extensive experience in the field of marketing physiotherapy practices means that we know how to do the best job because we know what works.
  • We are experts in search engine marketing and we have extensive knowledge of physiotherapy private practices.
  • Choosing us will ensure that you save both money and time. We are one of the most competitively priced internet marketing services available.
  • We will increase your profits because we will increase the amount of patients you get from your website.
If you need more reasons why Physio123 are the best choice then please click here.

When can I expect the SEO package to start impacting on my website’s ranking?

You should start to see initial improvements from around 2 to 12 weeks but over time your results will continually improve.

What will appear in my ads?

The ads that Physio123 create for customers will be the best ones to ensure that patient numbers will increase. We have extensive experience in creating ads that work for physiotherapy practices.

Why do you charge a monthly fee?

We charge a monthly fee for our SEO packages, as this will cover the monthly Adwords budget, and the continued work that we do on optimising your website.

The monthly fee charged for our website packages, include, hosting, domain names, email accounts, ongoing maintenance, support and optimisation and your Adwords budget.

Will there be a contract?

We do not use contracts and if you want to cancel at any time you are free to do so. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the service we provide and the results we can produce to ensure your patient numbers start to increase each month.

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