We believe that hosting a website is more than just holding it online. That is why we can provide a higher quality service than any other web development company for physiotherapy practices.

Hosting Reliable web hosting is crucial to every single website owner. In fact many people are unaware that if your website is not hosted on a server in the same location that you are based in, it will rank very badly or maybe not even at all in some major search engines. That is why it is very important that Australian physiotherapy websites are hosted on Australian based servers. Physio123 use top quality Australian based servers to host all of our Australian physiotherapy websites. This ensures that search engines know that your practice is based in Australia and as such they will rank your site highly.

Cover guaranteed

Physio123 offer plenty of hosting space to all our clients. In fact we will guarantee to provide you with more space than your website needs.

Your website must be online at all times as it is the place where your practice will be seen online. Physio123 will ensure that your website is available 24/7 by using state of the art telecommunications equipment and computers. We use top of the range multi-processor web servers, routers, switches, multiplexers, firewall equipment as well as multiple T-3 fibre-optic connectivity. We ensure that each site is housed on four different servers and we also guarantee to use redundant power management in all our facilities in the event of a power failure. This can ensure that your website will be online and available all the time.

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